Rather than deleting your blog all together would you consider inviting a couple more people to be admins so that it won't be too much work to handle? I'd really hate to see this blog disappear
by Anonymous

I’ve been thinking on this for a few days, and I’ve decided I won’t delete. However, I don’t want to hand off this blog to anyone else.

I’ll be putting it on an indefinite hiatus, and if I come back to it, I do. If not, then that’s the way it’ll be.

I know I’ve got a lot of requests left to do, and I have messages for some more in my inbox. I’m getting to a point where keeping this blog going is a little too much, so I will be deleting it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I will get your requests done, but I will be posting them over on my personal instead. I’d love to see you all join me there, if you wish! But if not, I definitely understand. Thank you for all the support and kindness that you have all shown while I kept this blog going! 

Future!Claire: Explosion Future vs. Exposed Future (requested by beveryquietwerehuntingdemons)

Hi I was trolling through your blog and I'm really impressed it's really cool!! I was wonder if you had time to make a gif set if Caitlin and Peter I always likes them together and was upset when the writers just forgot about her,

Thank you!

I’d be glad to do that! The writers definitely neglected her character, and it was so disappointed to see how they simply abandoned her.

Hey there! This blog is great and I am glad that the fandom has it. But anyway could you possibly make Hiro and Ando icons (ones with them both in it)? :-)

Thank you, that’s so sweet!

I’d be glad to make them!

Could you do a gif-set of Sylars kills, show the heads being sliced? And maybe one of Claire's accidents?
by Anonymous


Hey Libby! It's Alex, as usual. When you get done with all those other requests, could you please make me some Angela gifs? I've only got the ones you made me last time and a few extra. Thanks! <3

Of course bb! If you have any preferences on scenes, let me know!

Do you think you could do a gif set of future Peter and Niki? I loved them together.
by Anonymous

They had such good chemistry omg

Sure thing!

24 64x64 icons of Tracy Strauss and Samuel Sullivan below the cut (requested by tracy-strauss)

Please like if using!

I don't mean to keep asking for thing omg, but could you do gifset of peter patrelli in the first episode of season 2, where he is tied in a chair and breathing really heavily because it was really hot

Ask as many things as you’d like! Hehe, I’m glad for the requests.

I’ll get it done for you!